Philips LED in Alstroemeria


Philips Lighting announced that the Dutch alstroemeria grower Hoogenboom Alstroemeria is moving to hybrid lighting in its 1.5-hectare greenhouse with Philips GreenPower LED toplighting.

By using Philips GreenPower LED, grower Dick Hoogenboom will shorten growth cycles, increase quantity and quality of yields while reducing energy consumption up to 42 percent.

Ries Neuteboom, Key Account Manager for Philips Horticulture LED Systems said “More and more alstroemeria growers are choosing hybrid lighting as growing alstroemerias require both light and heat at the same time. Hybrid lighting systems with a combination of LED and Philips SON‑T lighting answers the need to control heat and light separately allowing the grower to grow better crops, year-round with greater control over growing conditions while reducing energy costs.”

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