Nice to have seen you again


The 12th edition of the International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF) is over.
It was great to speak to so many familiar ones again.


Below general exhibition report witten by FloralDaily

Increased number of international flower growers
The international flower grower. That has been the core of the exhibition since the establishment of the show, and this year, there have been more growers than in the past. The majority of the growers exhibiting were from Kenya, Ecuador, and Colombia. Part of the reason for this increase in number is that more and more growers seem to be looking to expand in existing and new markets. So, the aim of the show is to connect growers and buyers, but many horticultural suppliers also took the opportunity to show their products and network.  

Worldwide challenges
When talking to the different exhibitors at the show, nearly everyone and every country is dealing with challenges. Growers in Ecuador, for example, are dealing with a lack of availability and high prices of air freight. In Colombia, La Niña is causing an unusually long period of rainfall affecting the quality of the crop, and due to the current confusing political situation, some growers or investors have decided to wait with executing their expansion plans. Also, in Kenya, air freight is still a challenge, and in every country, the costs of growing, harvesting, and shipping flowers have increased. The strong US dollar isn't always helping either as freight and many packaging materials are paid in US dollars. Only Colombian businesses, due to the depreciation of the Colombian peso against the US dollar, the impact is less severe. 

Some growers from different countries: Clockwise: Red Lands Roses in Kenya, The Elite Farm in Colombia (also owns some farms in Ecuador), Subati Flowers in Kenya, and Rosaprima in Ecuador. 

Expanding markets - spreading risks
Despite the challenges, growers are eager to expand markets, and several we spoke to are even expanding their cultivation acreage. Many growers are exhibiting the show to expand or enter new markets and to meet their current clients. Still, many flowers go to Russia and even to Ukraine (several buyers from these countries were also visiting the show), but due to the war, a lot of growers decided to look for other markets, in turn spreading the risks. 

Positive vibes
Vibes at the show were positive. Many growers met new buyers, and many buyers met new suppliers. The IFTF is in its 12th edition, but the second edition after the pandemic. There were nearly 300 exhibitors, and according to the organization, the show is almost back to as it was pre-Covid times. The first two days were very busy, and even on the last day, which was less busy, still, good meetings were taking place, and business was done. 

IFTF 2023
The next edition of the IFTF will be held from November 8-10, 2023, and for this edition, the organization is planning to expand the exhibition floor.


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