New CRM System


In the UFO Supplies Newsletter we already mentioned that we would change to a new CRM system. Inventory, purchasing, sales, order management, accounting, CRM and HRM are all integrated in one system now. Last week we switched to the new system. It’s a nice challenge and we still have to get used to it, but after a while the sales process will be more efficient. We ask for a little patience, if the answer to your question takes a little longer in the coming period.

One of the things that you will notice is that our documents have a refreshed look. We hope that this will make them easier and clearer to read than before.

Another thing that you will notice, is that prices may differ slightly within margin of reasonable. This has two reasons:

1) The way our new program calculates your prices and discounts is different than our previous program, and therefore we cannot match the prices on the cent.

2) We have integrated a standard round off of our prices.

So slight price changes are possible, major price changes, other than previously communicated, should not be the case.


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