Meet us at Siflor, Ecuador


Our friends from Rodel will be found at the Siflor on November 25,26 and 27th. They will welcome you and give you the latest information about the post harvest product Florissant and more.

The Siflor show is presenting interesting seminars such as:

Water quality for fertigation in greenhouse cultivation of ornamental value
Nutrition: key to success in floriculture
Friends and enemies of Botrytis cinerea on ornamentals
Plant stress physiology: Paradigms of biostimulation
Commercial Cooperatives: Brazilian Model
Relationship between fragrance, ethylene and life in rose cut.

Rodel will be happy to inform you on:

- Products fertilization and plant nutrition / TRADECOR
- Post harvest Products Florissant for roses and other flowers
- UFO: specialized in summerflowers
- Dümmen Orange: cut flowers
- POLAR 50% polioxin
- Liquid Seal post harvest for roses

You can find the representatives from Rodel here:



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