Growers using LED, light years ahead


UFO Supplies and Philips are official partners since 2011.
We are working together to support, design and service projects needing Horticultural LED Lights.

New lamps
The development of LED lights is going fast, lamps are improving rapidly. For example: The Philips GreenPower Flowering lamp 2.0 was released in November 2016 and offers the latest and highest standards of Philips LED technology in combination with the six years of commercial results with The Philips GreenPower LED Flowering Lamp. More and more growers come to understand the importance and use of these lights.

More and more growers
A great deal of forward looking growers in Africa and Latin America are aware of the urgency of LED, and made the switch. Results have proven the success of this change in terms of: lower energy costs, better and stronger plants, uncomplicated electricity infrastructure.

Your partner in Africa and Latin America
UFO Supplies was founded in 1996 and is based in the Netherlands. Our background is flower-growing techniques in the tropics and subtropics while meeting European quality demands. Since 1988 we have been working together with flower growers in Africa and Latin America and supplied them with the best summer flowers. We later specialized in post-harvest related products, horticultural instruments and personal safety products. And now, we also advice growers about LED constantly. Click on the 'contact me' button and we will let you know everything you need to know about using LED in your country.



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