Florissant 810 officially allowed for Aster


From now on, ‘Florissant 810’ is officially allowed by the Dutch auctions to use as a post-harvest treatment for Aster. Florissant 810 is used as a rehydration product and is free of aluminum sulphate. The product has already been approved for cut-Hydrangea, Rose, Astilbe and Gypsophila.

With these recent tests, Florissant provides a suitable product for the relatively small product group of Aster, since ‘Florissant 400’ went off the market in 2013.

Thoroughly tested

The past year, Florissant had the product fully tested by Royal FloraHolland on extending vase life. Florissant 810 meets all the standards of the Dutch auctions as a preservative for Aster and therefore, is added to the requirements in the product specifications of Aster.


Florissant 810 ensures a better quality of Asters and prolongs vase life.


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