Florissant 520 lasts longer



The liquid chlorine post harvest treatment 'Florissant 520' now has a longer shelf life.
We improved the production process over the years, resulting in guaranteed longer shelf life
of the formulation. It went up from 8 to 20 weeks (4 months).

The pink colour helps checking dosage, this colour will dissapear after some time automatically.

Universal product for large scale consumers

Florissant 520 is officially allowed by the Dutch pesticide board (CTGB) since 2014. It is the only allowed liquid chlorine treatment and can be dosed automatically. Therefore, it is a perfect alternative to high-volume consumers of chlorine tablets.


Recommended for Symphoricarpos

From now on, Florissant 520 is also officially allowed by the Dutch auctions as a preservative for Symphoricarpos (Snowberry).

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