Florissant 520 best for Gerbera


Colours of Nature is a cooperation between 6 growers who grow 200 million Gerbera's a year. They excel in reliability, quality and uniformity. After testing different products, Florissant 520 came out as best post harvest product.

Gerben Koop, of Colours of Nature explains:
"Ever since we changed to Florissant 520, our Gerberas have a prolonged vase life and stay fresh much longer. All auction tests show excellent results. We used to have a chlorine tablet, but that is labor-intensive and buckets could be missed. Then it’s hard to guarantee quality.
Now that we automatically dose Florissant 520 we know for sure that each and every bucket is well treated. "


Advantages Florissant 520

• Automatic dosing possible

• Low cost price per bucket

• Pink color to check usage

• Allowed by the Dutch auctions

• Guaranteed effect


For more information about Florissant 520 please contact us via the 'contact me' button below. Or take a look here.

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