Floris thoughts on tensiometers


Floris' thoughts on tensiometers

Why choosing TM-93 digital tensiometer?
Because readings are more accurate, and with 5 measuring points or more it is cheaper than an analogue tensiometer. For the TM-93 you need plain tensiotubes with rubber stop, with the TM-93 meter you then go from tube to tube to read out the values. The alternative, an analogue tensiometer, comes with a clock, which makes each tensiotube relatively expensive. So growers that will work with more than 4 points of measurement I would always advise to go for the TM-93, easier and cheaper.

5x tensiotube 30cm analogue each €119 = €595
1x TM-93 each €354.30 = €354.30
5x tensiotube 30cm each €31.40 = €157
Total digital: €354.30 + €157 = €511.30

The above tensiometer is still quite labour intensive, readings have to be collected from each tube in the field, this data has to be structured and analysed, all by a person. In case you want to go more advanced we can offer the Beacon Soil 30 tensiometer. This tensiosensor does automatic measurements and sends these to an app on your phone or desktop. By one click or swipe you’ll have real live status of the conditions around each sensor. The Beacon Soil 30 measures humidity, soil temperature and light intensity. In the range of Beacon Fields there are more remote sensors available.

More information about the Beacon Soil 30 can be found on our website. . For our complete range of measurement equipment check website.


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