Better Snowberry


From now on, ‘Florissant 520’ and ‘Florissant 500n’ are officially allowed by the Dutch auctions to use as a post-harvest treatment for Symphoricarpos (Snowberry). Growers were already allowed to use it at the farm, but they can now supply in it too. This post harvest treatment ensures better quality leaves and better looking berries.

Clean water

Florissant 500n/520 is used as a rehydration product and keeps the water clean. Florissant 520 is the first and only liquid chlorine treatment approved by the Dutch auditing boards.

Thoroughly tested

The past year, Florissant had the product fully tested by Royal Flora Holland on extending vase life. Florissant 500n and 520 meet all the standards of the Dutch auctions as a preservative for Symphoricarpos and therefore, is added to the requirements in the product specifications.


Florissant 500n/520 ensures a better quality of Symphoricarpos and prolongs vase life. The leaves are of better quality and the berries look beautiful longer. 

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