We firmly believe we should contribute to a sustainable world. A world in which the needs of the present generation are met without compromising the ability of future generations. We will continue to strive for products which enable us and our customers to be sustainable.

We would like people to value us as a pleasant company to deal with. A company which truly cares about people not just our own staff or our customers. That is why we are proud donors to the following dissimilar projects Old Legs Tour, Sarakasi, The rhino charge, Flowers for kids and GrowWizzKids.

Old Legs Tour
Every year, a group of bicycle riders from around the world converge on Harare for the Old Legs Tour. Pedalling to raise money and awareness for Zimbabwean pensioners. The generation that built Zimbabwe have had their pensions, their life savings and their wealth eroded and reduced to nothing by thirty years of mismanagement and silly economics.

Flowers For Kids, Ecuador
Flowers For Kids interactive class, teaches children of all ages how to appreciate, care for, and arrange flowers. For some students this will be their first hands-on floral experience. They will also experience the emotion of giving flowers when they take home their own bouquets.

Sarakasi Hospital Project, Afrika
The 'Smile for Change' Program is a special program under SarakasiTrust. It uses arts and laughter to bring positive change and healing to vulnerable children and youth facing difficult circumstances.

The Rhino Charge
An annual off-road motorsport competition held in Kenya.The event is organised in order to raise funds to support the activities of the Rhino Ark Charitable Trust, an NGO which works towards a noble cause: the conservation and protections of Kenya’s mountain range ecosystems, the so-called “Water Towers”.

GrowWizzKid is a program for primary schools where children learn to grow their own vegetables, indoor, using LED. They will, in a fun way learn how to produce healthy food for the increasing world population in a sustainable way.




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