What we do
You want your flowers to reach their destination in their best possible state. We offer professional products and sustainable solutions to reach that goal.
Doing that, we simultaneously respect your environment as well as your culture. We don't deliver standard products. In order to come up with the best suitable solution we make sure we know as much as possible about the circumstances, the climate and the environment.
This vision has led us to becoming a supplier in 36 countries, on six continents.To make your life easier, we often work together with our local agents. If they are not available in your area, we will work together to find the smartest way to cooperate. We do not deliver to private persons.


Our Team
With our team based in Aalsmeer - the flowercapital of Holland - we strive to make floricultural companies flourish, with effective and plain solutions. We are proud to have developed long term and warm business relationships with manufacturers, agents and growers in the main flower growing and exploring countries.


Our brands are first-class and our local agents are selected with care, for a pleasurable cooperation. With their help we will establish closer relationships with our costumers, actively listen to their feedback and respond with a sense of urgency.


Our history
UFO Supplies was founded in 1996 and is based in the Netherlands. Our background is flower-growing techniques in the tropics and subtropics while meeting European quality demands. Since 1988 we have been working together with flower growers in Africa and South America and supplied them with the best summer flowers. We later specialized in post-harvest related products, horticultural instruments and personal safety products.