Full range of flower preservatives to treat cut flowers throughout the supply chain ensuring a maximum quality for the consumer. Florissant is one of the most reputable brands of flower preservatives, the first recipes were developed in the 1970’s by The Dutch Auction in Aalsmeer and since it has continuously improved and extended it's product range.

Florissant post-harvest treatments are worldwide available and in the major flower growing countries distributed by our local agents.

UFO Supplies is the sole distributor and therefor responsible for the worldwide marketing, sales and distribution of the Florissant product range.


Preservatives, Florissant

Philips Horti LED

A young and ambitious division of Philips solely focussing on developing and marketing LED light solutions for Horticulture, creating a purple tornado in greenhouses all over the world.

UFO Supplies is a proud Philips Horti LED partner since 2011, we are trained by the Philips experts and we are frequently updated on the rapid changes in the new and dynamic world of LED.

Our focus lies on the introduction and implementation of Horti LED solutions for flower and vegetable growers world wide.

Philips LED


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Manufacturer of crop spraying equipment specialized in all sorts of spray solutions for horticulture. Based in The Netherlands it grew together with the increasing horticultural industry to a brand with international fame and unbeatable reputation when it comes to precision and durability.

UFO Supplies has been one of the selected Empas resellers since the early days of our company. Together we aim to improve the application of chemicals, resulting in reduction in the use of chemicals.

Spraying equipment

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Vigouroux is a French inventor and manufacturer of the Attalink binding tools. They have been doing this for more than 50 years. We strongly believe in their products simply because they work easy and are low maintenance. They engineered the QuickBunch we invented.
All Attalink binders are the solution for farms where full automated processing is one step to far.

We are supplier for the Attalink binders to growers located beyond Europe.

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Manufacturer and brand of the best and well known rooting powder. Rhizopon has a long history of innovation and development in the world of rooting hormones resulting in top quality product used all over the world. The majority of plants in the flower and plant industry is propagated by cuttings and this percentage is still growing emphasizing the need of high quality rooting hormones for the industry. 

We have been one of the premium suppliers of Rhizopon rooting powders on the African continent. The best start for a grower starts with excellent planting material, we feel that Rhizopon rooting powders are one of the key factors to create this.

plant stimulants -> rooting powders


Manufacturer of synthetic fabrics and work wear and clothes in widest scope. Invented flexothane material from which many different sorts of overalls are being made. Together with Sioen we developed the only certified reusable spray suit in the world. It meets the EN465 specifications for chemical persistence, has extra protection around the legs and an adjustable hood to also protect the KIN.
Our strategic cooperation with Sioen helps us to supply high quality and tailor made body protection wear such as our own spray suit, rain suits and cold store suits.

Personal safety -> EN465 overall


Manufacturer and supplier of measurement equipment for flower and vegetable growers. Their reliable meters are used by growers all over the world. Together with the high level of after sales service, makes their products a reliable and necessary tools for their operations.

From the very start of our operations we have been distributor of the Nieuwkoop products in Africa, South America and other countries beyond Europe.
We feel that the Nieuwkoop measurement products are a necessity for all professional flower and vegetable growers.

measurement equipment


Famous for their red sulphur evaporators colouring greenhouses with red dots for decades and still an essential tool in control of mildew. Nivola is a specialized engineering company that developed some smart solutions for horticulture.
We enjoy a long history with Nivola and we know that their products will be essential for many growers in the next decades.

pest & disease control


Years of tradition precede Dunlop boots, originally developed in the 19th century. They now have a range of high performing wellington boots made from Purofort, Acifort or PVC. Wellie shoes and gumboots - calf and knee - with or without insulation or special protection.

Since 2018 we are proud dealers of this well-known brand. We sell an affordable and comfortable solution whether you are harvesting in damp conditions, packing in the cold or require special protection building greenhouses.
Our selections are based on our knowledge of horticulture in the tropics and sub tropics and the climatic challenges which automatically follow.

Good to have a quality product which protects people all over the industry.

Boots & shoes

Bato Plastics

As a manufacturer of molded plastic products, Bato developed a whole range of ingenious clips and supports to help vegetable farmers yielding maximum from their crops. High quality, practical use and an excellent design are typical for their assortment. They have almost every plastic product that is used in the horticulture in their assortment for the following product groups: cultivation products, grafting clips, substrate troughs & pots, strawberry trays, hanging & decorative pots and plastic drain gutters.

Vegetable growers on the Southern Hemisphere will soon see the advantages of the use of the Bato products such as tomato clips and truss support.

Crop support



Manufacturer of flexible synthetic packaging and films for agriculture and horticulture. Continuously innovating to come with new products and concepts that help customers in other industries to improve and develop their business. Producer of high quality plastic products such as cucumber shrink foil, anti weed foil, biofilms, transparent-, white-, black- black&white, perforated films for horticulture, plain and printed packaging for vegetables.

Cucumber wrap

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Designer and manufacturer of industrial crate and bucket washing machines and solutions. Established company that supplies amongst others the Dutch Flower Auctions with their bucket washing systems.

We feel a quality flower starts with a clean bucket and many flower producing companies in Kenya, Ethiopia and Colombia have the size where the Limex machines will be of great benefit. Both in improving hygiene of the buckets and easing the process  washing daily hundreds and hundreds of buckets.


each bucket always clean!


Swiss quality tools and a brand name that has been standing for years. Manufacturer of high quality secateurs, pruners, saws and knives. The Leyat cut and hold secateurs is bench mark in the market of secateurs. Vivid company that keeps improving and extending their product line.

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Manufacturer of high quality plastic netting for agriculture and floriculture. Key products are Hortonova plant support netting, shading nets, hail cover and anti-birds nets. Tenax products withstand the high UV levels around the equator and have proven to be long lasting and of constant quality.

We have been supplying the Tenax products for at least ten years to growers in many different countries, the products allow growers to improve their yield without a too big investment.

crop support


Manufacturer of high quality tools and machines for semi-automatic processing of flowers. Famous for their bunch cutters and stand alone deleafing machines. The company flourishes in the centre of the flower industry a stone throw away from the Aalsmeer Flower Auction.

Terlouws machines and tools are a necessity for the majority of our customers all around the world.

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